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Micro Commercial Components (MCC)

Micro Commercial Components (MCC)

Founded in 1991, Micro Commercial Components Corporation (MCC) is a Manufacturer of high-quality discrete semiconductors products, headquartered in Simi Valley California with manufacturing facilities in Asia. MCC is a vertically integrated company with an in-house wafer fabrication facility and full encapsulation production capabilities. Their product portfolio is specifically marketed to provide competitive pricing with best-in-class quality, shorten production lead times and meet the on-time deliveries. Their wide portfolio contains six core discrete semiconductor types offering a full range of diodes, transistors, IGBTs, MOSFETs, voltage regulators/references and protection devices (TVS, ESD). MCC offers a great variety of packages for the most common market requirements and a daily increasing Automotive portfolio with a full diverse discrete semiconductor technology roadmap designed to penetrate new and growing markets worldwide.
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